All conditioning is performed low to the ground on real circus equipment, which includes the Trapeze, Aerial Fabric, Roman Rings and Handstand Blocks.


Intro to Aerial Technique:

Intro to Aerial is intended for beginners to aerial and inversion. The class will focus on techniques to climb fabric, invert on a trapeze, and balance on handstand blocks. Through drills, circuit training, and individualized coaching, students will develop core strength, build stamina, and learn foundational technique to aerial and inversion. Intro to Aerial will serve as the starting place for all new students before progressing to more advanced classes. (Beginner)   SIGN UP NOW>

Cirque Core Circuit:

The Cirque Core Circuit is a high-level endurance class that focuses on core strengthening, flexibility, and upper body development. Students will experience a combination of rope, fabric, trapeze, roman rings, and handstand blocks throughout the sequence. Cirque Core Circuit starts with the basic technique and works towards mastery of cutting edge conditioning methods. (Intermediate and Advanced)  SIGN UP NOW>

Each class will run for 60 minutes with a maximum set at 6 students per class.

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My vision for Cirque Core is to help people develop strength, build confidence, get toned, and simply feel great! Cirque Core takes aspects of gymnastics and aerial arts, and puts it into a comprehensible fitness program that anyone can do.

I developed the cirque core program because of the success I had training to be an aerial artist. Having started as an adult with no previous aerial experience, I witnessed my body transform in a matter of a few months and with that my confidence soared. I would like to share my experience and inspire you to reach your goals through the Cirque Core program.

  • I absolutely loved Chenee’s class. To find a way to create abs of steel while having fun is very rare. Toward the end of the class, like a good movie, you don’t want it to end, and then suddenly, your core lets you know that, in fact, you have been exercising for an hour. Perfectly structured.

    Kathrine Alcoba
  • When I went to Chenee’s class, I had no real idea what to expect, and no previous Acro training. Chenee is super sweet, very helpful, and extremely encouraging if you want to try something new. She helped me do things I never knew I could, and because of that I have new goals and ambitions. Chenee’s class is challenging at any level of fitness, and highly recommended if you’re looking to challenge yourself in new and exciting ways!

    Erica Dubrow
  • CirqueCore is a great workout. It is all about building skills that train full body connection. Works for beginners as well as seasoned fitness professionals. You’ll feel it the next day. And the next. Guaranteed.

    Oliver Donaldson
  • Chenee’s Cirque Core class is a game changer for any circus artist. Her circuits don’t just include typical core exercises, but also aerial exercises on trapeze and rings, making it a full body workout. For each station Chenee suggests modifications to make the exercise more or less challenging. I appreciate that Chenee always gives alternative exercises that meet each person (circus artist or not!) at their current level. I love her class and you will too!

    Chelsey Scheidemann